About my.komik

my.komik is the application to view comics on your mobile handset.

1) Application saved
To check the downloaded applications go to the mobile menu list and find the “application” or “installation” option. Inside these options you can find for the comic application.
2) How to read comic books
On clicking the application you start reading the comic

Page Navigation:
To read a comic book, click on

Select key:
Forward Page

Forward Page

UP Key:
Rewind Page.

Go to next page.

Go to previous page.

If the Handset is touch supported then,

Right Drag:
Go to next page.

Left Drag:
Go to previous page.
In this way you can jump to any page which you want.

my.komik support

1) Copy the application on other handset
You CAN NOT COPY OR MOVE the application. As application is DRM protected.

2) Support
Please e-mail to mykomik@zero-sum.co.jp mykomik@zero-sum.co.jp

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